Chiropractors Services

Chiropractors work with the natural ability of the body to help you feel and function better. Chiropractic treatment covers all areas of the body, with a special focus on the spine.

At Feit Physiotherapy our chiropractors can create individualized treatment plans based on their assessment to help aid recovery, improve posture and optimize movement.

Explore Our Wide Range of our Chiropractic Services


Acupuncture is an ancient science of Chinese medicine involving the insertion of solid filiform needles into the skin at specific points throughout the body to promote healing. 

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Spinal Manipulative Therapy

This treatment involves spinal assessment for points of tension which can be adjusted to help you move better.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation and dizziness (VR) or vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a popular and specialized form of therapy today that is focused on alleviating the problems associated with vestibular disorders.

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* Many of our services are listed above, however, we are constantly growing our range of services. If you've not seen something you're specifically looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to explore whether Feit Physio is the right fit!

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