Celebrating National Physiotherapy Month!

June 11, 2018

National Physiotherapy Month promotes the physiotherapy profession, making people aware of its benefits. These benefits include increased:

  • mobility
  • endurance
  • confidence
  • independence


  • are university educated health professionals.
  • assess, diagnose and treat to restore an optimum level of function.
  • care for patients with a range of ailments.
  • work in hospitals, home care, schools, private clinics, long term care facilities, community-based clinics, and primary care networks.

Physiotherapy often plays a role when people recover from injuries to the limbs including bones fractures. Physiotherapy can help people find their flexibility and power by increasing their strength.

Aaron Feit

Aaron graduated from Dalhousie University in 1997 with a BSc, Advanced Major in Biology. Following this, he attended Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland completing a BSc in Physiotherapy in 2002. Aaron spent 3 years working as a Physiotherapist in Edinburgh before returning home to work in Cape Breton in 2006. He opened Feit Physiotherapy in 2013.

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